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Vachanamrut ek Paravani - Celebrating 200 Years

Saturday, 30th November 2019 - Friday, 6th December 2019


Bhuj Mandir will be celebrating 200 years of the Vachanamrut . A scripture that holds all the solutions to any questions and problems that have been asked, are being asked and will ever be asked. This occasion will be like none before and will never come back in our lifetime. Be sure to tune in from all around the world to be part of this momentous occasion, an occasion that will boost and catapult our journey towards the lotus feet of Maharaj.

What's on?

Sat 23th Nov
8:00am Vijaydhvaj
Fri 29th Nov
3:30pm Pothi Yatra
Sat 30th Nov
8:00am Shree Hari Yagna - 3 days
8:30am Dip Pragatya
Sun 1st Dec
8:00am Mega Camp
Mon 2nd Dec
8:30pm Cultural Program
Tue 3rd Dec
8:30pm Bhajan Sandhya
Wed 4th Dec
9:00am Lalji Mahrajshree Welcoming
9:00am Shree Swaminarayan Medicine Place Opening
Thu 5th Dec
6:30am Thakorji Abhishek
9:00am Acharya Mahrajshree Welcoming
9:30am Annkut Darshan
3:30pm Shobha Yatra
8:30pm Maha Raas Utsav


Katha will be recited by:

Narayanmuni Dasji

Narayanmuni Dasji

Bhaktvatsal Dasji

Bhaktvatsal Dasji

Krushnaswarup Dasji (1)

Krushnaswarup Dasji

Shreerang Dasji (1)

Shreerang Dasji

Aksharmuni Dasji

Aksharmuni Dasji

Saunakmuni Dasji

Saunakmuni Dasji

Ghanshyam Dasji (1)

Ghanshyam Dasji

Devcharan Dasji (1)

Devcharan Dasji

Every day
8:30am - 11am
3pm - 6pm

This event will be broadcasted live



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