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There was a boy. He had a farm of cucumis. When the fruits of cucumis ripened, the boy said: “The first fruits are for Maharaj.”

He filled a basket with the fruits of cucumis, put it on his head and started to go to offer them to Maharaj. On the way, he had a desire to taste it.He felt: “How nice the fruits are! What harm is there if I taste a little ?” But in the second thought, he felt: “Oh! these fruits do not belong to me. They are for Maharaj. How can I taste Maharaj's fruits? If I taste, I will be a thief. I am not a thief.”

Thus he desired to taste but at the same time he suppressed his desire. He fondly caressed the fruit of cucumis and said: “They are Maharaj's fruits.” He reached Vadtal. Maharaj was there. He was busy with the meeting of saints and devotees. Maharaj was talking to them. At that time, the boy entered with the basket full of fruits. Maharaj at once called him and asked: “Did you bring my fruits?” The boy offered the fruits to Maharaj. Maharaj cut two pieces from the cucumis fruit, put one piece into his own mouth and gave the second piece to the boy and repeated twice: “A good boy, a good boy.” There was no limit to the joy of the boy. He repeatedly fell at the feet of Maharaj. Then he himself distributed the fruit pieces as offerings of God to every devotee. Such was Maharaj! He loved children very much.

Whatever good things we have, should first be offered to Maharaj before our personal use of it. Food and water are the offerings/ presents from Maharaj to us and we must utilize them as such.

Though the boy desired to taste the fruits, he didn't. How pleased Maharaj was! We should bear in mind that we have to please Maharaj. Do as directed by Maharaj. As for example: Maharaj has directed us to study, so we must study. He has ordered us never to commit a theft, so we must not.