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After a lot of wondering, Nilkantha Varni arrived in a city called Bansi. There was a river far away from the city. He bathed there regularly. Once, while bathing he saw two servants of the king who hunted a very fine bird. The bird screamed miserably and fell down. On hearing the scream of the dying bird, the heart of Varni churned sorrowfully. He began to chant the name of God “Ram Ram.” He underwent a fast on that day, and stayed away from the city. He passed the whole night in the jungle. But the gloom of his heart did not lesson, he woke suddenly in the midnight.

He murmured, “Hell with this city.” “Even iron will be melted by the curse of a suffering person,” says Saint Tulsidas. While this was the displeasure of the man who is God incarnate! Merely by the utterance of the words `Hell with this city,' the whole city was on fire. Varni was merciful. He was very much pained at the sight of the burning city. “I have come on this earth to remove the agonies and the hardship of the people. What have I done this ?” thought Varni. He jumped into the river and cried aloud “Cool down, cool down!” The fire was instantly cooled down.

But Nilkantha Varni had no complete satisfaction. He thought to himself, “Anything improper is done by me through overnight, it must be stopped.” So he cursed his own words, “Fruitless be my words when spoken unknowingly,” Thus only Nilkantha Varni has shown such a power of cursing his own words.

Imagine what anguish would there be in the heart of Varni for man, if heard such pain for a bird ? This is an example of Shriji Maharaja's boundless mercy.