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Many times Dharmdev used to live in Ayodhyapuri from Chhappaiya. The young Ghanshyam has performed many wonderful acts (Leela). Ayodhyapari means the birth place of Lord Rama. There was a temple of Rama-Janma-Bhoomi. The young Ghanshyam used to go for darshan to this temple daily, when he was in Ayodhyapari. There were many other temples around it. There was a temple named Kanak-Bhavan. When some one went to have a darshan of this temple, the temple-worshipper used to give him the nectar of the feet of God [the Sugar, milk, curd, ghee, and honey with which the deity is bathed] CHARANAMRIT.

The temple-worshipper’s name was Sheetaldas. He was sheetal (cold) by name but was angry by nature. Moreover, he was very lazy. Sheetaldas never used fresh water. Once the temple-worshipper gave CHARNAMRIT to everyone. Now it was Ghanshyam’s turn. Ghanshyam also received it. It was God’s offering, so Ghanshyam did accept it in his palm but threw it away at a distance. The temple-worshipper saw this. He was much angry and said, “You boy, why did you throw away God’s CHARANAMRIT? Have you any sense?” “I ask you if you have any sense. Do you know how pure God’s charanamrit should be? Please see the container. How dirty it is! And its water! Impure and of previous four days! Open the container and check
it,” said Ghanshyam.

The temple-worshipper opened the container and saw a dead cockroach in it. The temple-worshipper who had lost temper a short while ago, now cooled down after seeing his mistakes openly proven. “Now you are true Sheetaldas,” said Ghanshyam.

Ghanshyam has shown in this episode that in God’s worship and service we should observe neatness and cleanness. No irregularity is tolerated.


Can you answer the following questions:-

(a) Why do you say that Sheetaldas did not have the quality as per his name?

(b) Why did the young Ghanshyam pour away the nectar of God’s feet?

(c) Can we offer God impure water in a dirty container? Does God accept it? Can such water be called the nectar of God’s feet- Charnamrit?

(d) How did young Ghanshyam show the temple-worshipper’s fault in his presence?