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Even today our country is full of superstition, just 200 years ago superstition reigned the highest. There is fear wherever there is superstition. People are afraid on a mere trifling thing. They were afraid of ascetics, magic and charms medicants, and jugglers, - good and bad omens, ghosts, evil spirit, witches and witchcarft.

If a person fell ill, a medicant (BHUVA) would be called for. He would come and would start quivering. He would say, “The person is possessed. I will drive away the evil spirit, if you please me”. If a `bawa' is called for, he would say “Goddess is displeased with a person. The goddess will be pleased if I am made pleased.

Some would talk about magic and charm. Some would suggest to sacrifice either a cock or a buffalo. Chiefly fear is the root cause, and it is the disease, and for that fear they are cheated, they lose wealth, they lose credit and perhaps they might lose their lives.

Shriji Maharaj diagnosed the disease. He spoke only one thing. None is greater than God. Therefore, his help should be sought for. Then there is no cause of fear. Magic, charm, ghosts, evil spirit, charmed thread, good and bad omen - all is wrong. Only God's name is real.

Shriji Maharaj wrote such letters to various villages. His devotees would assemble at a place to read the letters.

A substance of such a letter is given under:-

Please accept Jai Swaminarayan from Shriji Maharaj, the writer of this letter.

The purpose of this letter is to show that a person becomes happy or unhappy according to his lot. He has to be born or die according to his lot. No magic or witchcraft, no medicant or witches are able to give us happiness or misery, life or death. Only God Nar Narayan is capable of giving life or death to a person. Therefore, only one God's help should be sought for. He alone should always be prayed and worshipped, and no else. Never to be afraid of any man.

“We are all devotees of God. We are all brave. Therefore, a vaishnava should never be afraid of anything.

“If a person can live or exist with the help of magic, witchcraft, or for that matter, by any medicine, we would have seen that person still living on this earth, but that has not happened. The man himself who knows magic, witchcraft also dies. How can a king having many foes live, if magic or witchcraft works its way?”.

“Why does an emperor have great army and arms and ammunitions, if everything is achieved by magic and charms? Instead of wasting money after

arms and ammunitions, the king could have employed one such a person knowing black-art, to achieve his goal. But that has not happened”.

“Therefore, be fearless, worship God - Narayan, have firm faith and trust in God. It happens as is willed by God. Nothing happens according to our wishes. Nobody would be wretched and poor, if it happened as he wished everyone wishes to be great, a king, but that will never happen. Q E D (Thus I proved what had to be proved)”.