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Once Shriji Maharaja thought “There are innumerable volumes in the world. They are simply wonderful. How learned the persons might be who know these scriptures !. How great they must be ! I must see one such person”. Thinking thus, He invited a certain learned person. He welcomed the `Pundit' saying `'Welcome to thee, O learned man and tell me the knowledge that you have achieved”.

The learned man was puffed with pride. He stepped ahead flourishing both the ends of his `Dupatta'[Khesh] hanging over the shoulders. He tooks his seat with pride before Shriji Maharaja. Maharaja said, `' Tell me whatever you know about soul and God (Atma And Parmatma)”.

The learned man had all the scriptures at the tip of his tongue. He quoted the words from the various scriptures and began to discuss the intricate talks about scriptures. It was nothing but merely knowledge and knowledge only. He talked about JIVA and SHIVA, ATMA and PARMATMA. He told that it is an unfathomable knowledge beyond the reach of intelligence and mind.

Maharaja went on hearing. The Pandit also went on delivering his lecture. Maharaja thought, `'This learned man tells that it is unfathomable and beyond the reach of intelligence and mind. Then why is he bent upon saying all this ?” After a long time the learned man stopped his speech. Even after discovering so much he concluded `'Knowledge is unfathomable and it is beyond the reach of intelligence and mind”.

Maharaja honourably bade him `'good-bye” But Maharaja had come to understand that the Pandit had only the dry facts about knowledge. He had nothing solid to offer. Where as I want to offer something solid to my followers. I want to give them such knowledge as would satisfy their mind and intelligence. Maharaj's mind was agitated by hearing the Vedanti Pandit's dry knowledge. His mind went on thinking on this that whole night.

This incident took place in GADHADA. The very next morning He arrived in the court of Dada Khachar. It was the fourteenth day of the second half of the month of MAGASAR of Vikram era 1878. Maharaja took his seat. But still he was not cheerful. He did not call any one and stared at them neither. His white turban has loosened. He did not even mind it. A moment of dismay passed in such agony.

Tears rolled down on Maharaja's cheeks. The whole court was dumb founded “What ? Is Maharaja weeping ? “The saints and followers anxiously looked at Maharaja. After a long spell of time, Maharaja raised His head. On seeing His followers in distress. Maharaja spoke in a gentle voice, `'I was very much wanted to know a Vedanti. With this in mind, I invited yesterday certain Pandit and heard him. Only on hearing the pundit, my mind was so agitated that people's heart

would have no room for God's devotion if they listen to such words. I only heard him with this intention. And yet it resulted in this. Hence I am very much agitated”.

While speaking thus, again Maharaja fell in dismay. Still His eyes were dripping with tears. He wiped His tears off with His own hands and said “ These Pandits do read the scriptures but they are not helped by God. So they don't know the significance of God or His Saints. By renouncing God's devotion characterized with love and meditation/contemplation of God they practise futile knowledge and they consider themselves only God ”.

There was pause... Maharaja continued “ So never swerve from the devotion of God. And never allow our intellect to move a little from Lord Krishna, Narayana. We will have to popularize this massage among the followers (Vaishnavas) of various countries ”. saying thus, Maharaj got a latter written to the VAISHNAVAS ( SATSANGIS) of various countries. The letter was somewhat like this.

“Narayana to all Paramahansa and all Vaishnavas, ladies and gentlemen, from Swami Shri Sahajanandji Maharaja who has got this letter written. My commandment is that Lord ShriKrishna, Narayana, Purushottama Bhagvan is an incarnation for the establishment of religion, for the Darshana for this devotees and to guard them against all evils and for the uprooting irreligious. We should have unique loyalty to Him like that of a faithful wife. Worship Him mentally and physically. In the case of non-availability of the incarnation of Lord Krishna Narayana. the idol of Lord Krishna should be worshipped mentally and physically.

But in no case any god except Bhagvan Shri Krishna be worshipped or meditated. Whosoever follows my this commandment firmly shall attain the devotion attained by Narada and Lakshmi from Shri Purushottam Bhagvan. This letter has been written on the fourteenth day of the later half of the month of Magsar Vikram Era 1878.”

This letter was posted to the Vaishnavas of various countries of the world. This is an illustration that illustrates Maharaja's utmost care for His followers.

This lesson is on the Madhya Prakarana Gadhada of VACHANAMRIT. In this chapter Shriji Maharaja has shown the comparison between Vedanta, a dry knowledge and real knowledge.

The dry knowledge means Knowledge of Vedanta ` I am Brahman' type of knowledge It is easy to say ` I am Brahman, I am god' but it results in to vanity of the attainers; he becomes vainglorious and the result is that the devotion for god perishes. Therefore God's devotion is the only path to God. This is for forcefully exhibited by Shriji Maharaj in this lesson.