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After the passing away of Ramananda Swami, Shriji Maharaja arrived at last to Manglore after long wondering. The King of this state was a Mohammedan. Banias were also in great in numbers. The Hindus who resides there were also different sects.

Much was talked about Shriji Maharaja in the town. Some said that Maharaja was a magician. While others said that Maharaja was a Mahayogi. While others regarded them as God.

On hearing such talks, some Baniya youths were curious to know the reality of Maharaja. Once all together went to Maharaja and said, “ People say that you are capable of putting people in trance; and while in trance, they have a glimpse (DARSANA) of their deity. If it is true, we want to have glimpse of our deity called Tirthankara”.

Maharaja seated them before him. He, then, gave a favourable look (KRIOADRISHTI) to them. All their eyes got closed. they fell in deep trance. Their bodies turned wooden and fell on the ground. Thus nine hours passed. There spread humour that the Bania youths died, so their relatives, parents, brothers, and sisters rushed to the spot. On seeing their young boy's dead, they started weeping and wailing.

They began to supplicate Maharaja; `'give them their lives back”. Now Shriji Maharaja smiled and once again threw a favourable look at the youths. At once they got their lives back. They sat up and said, `' How wonderful, how lucky we are ! We had a glimpse of all twenty four Tirthankaja gods”.

Everyone was surprised to hear this. Now the youths who worshipped Shri Krishna were eager to have a glimpse/Darshana of Balkrishna as Maharaja did. The worshippers of Lord Shiva were eager to have a Darshna of Shiva. Ganpati worshippers were eager to have a Darshana of their god Ganapati. The worshippers of Maataji were eager to have the Darshana of their goddess. Suryanarayana worshippers thought of having Darshana of their Sun God. Hanuman Bhakta wishes to have Darshana of their god Hanumana.

All together formed a company and came to Shriji Maharaja. They requested Maharaja, “ Please give us glimpse of our gods ”.Maharaja was very kind and merciful. He asked them to sit infront of Him. Then He shot a favourable look at them. On merely seeing Shri Hari, their vein streched and their breaths(PRANA) mixed with God's. Every one had a Darshana of their beloved god. Krishna Worshippers had a glimpse of Balkrishna sporting with Gopys in Brindavana. Some had the Darshana of Lord Vishnu Along with Lakshmi. Some saw god Rama seated on the golden throne with Sitajee, and Laxmanji and Hanumanjee serving God Rama.

Shiva Devotees had the Darshana of god Shiva and goddess Parvati. Ganpati devotees had the glimpse of VAKRATUND and EKDANTI Ganpati ( The idol of Ganpati having a deformed body with an elephant head & with one tusk. ) Sun devotees had the Darshana of the god Sun with a celestial luster. Maataji devotees had the Darshana of the Mahishasur Mardinee Goddess. Hanuman devotees had the Darshana of the Bajarangbali carrying a mountain. Thus everyone had the Darshana of her deities.

The trance was of long duration. Then Maharaja threw once again glance at them and they came to their senses. They shouted; `'Blessed are we ! Blessed are we !`' They fell at the feet of Maharaja and said, `'Now we are sure that you are the incarnation of God who we show in different forms in the trance. This is your own Leela.”

This tale of trance reached the ears so Muslim Nawab of Mangrole. He sent-for his brother-in-law and said, "go yourself and find out the truth.”

The Nawab's brother-in-law was a judge [KAJEE]. This arrogated Kaji thought ; “ I am capable of arresting criminals. Similarly I will be able to arrest the criminal if there is any cunningness/treachery ”. He, accompanied with some assistants, went boldly to Maharaja. But Oh ! On having the Darshana of Maharaja all his arrogance was dissolved. He spoke politely to Maharaja, “ Oh, you are an oliya ( God's nearest ) you have arranged for the Darshana of their deities to them. Similarly, kindly arrange for the Darshana of our Prophet Mohmend ”.

Maharaja asked him to sit infront of Him and said, “ Look at me ”. The Kaji stared at Maharaja. No sooner did he look at Maharaja he turned wooden. He remained in this posture for a long time. When he regained his consciousness with the help of Maharaja, he began to dance with joy. He told his companions, “ Wonderful, wonderful, I had the Darshana of Hajarat Mohemed”.

Nawab himself came to Maharaja and was pleased to have Maharaja's Darshana. Now Maharaja began to think to leave Mangrol. But the Nawab insisted; “ Stay here for the next four months of monsoon (CHATURMASA) ”. Maharaja accepted the Nawab's prayer and decided to spend the next four-month of the monsoon. Thus, all the Hindus, the Muslims and the Jains had love for Maharaja. They all had full faith in Maharaja.