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In the scary darkness, one Bhairav came to the Banyan tree with thousands of ghosts and spirits hanging around him. He had a trishul in his hand, blood red eyes, very tall, broad face, sharp beard, voice like of a donkey and chewing beast in his mouth. As this was the tree where he lived, he made a fierce noise. Hearing this Hanumanji also started making noise. Sound of Hanumanji filled all the directions with noised echos and all the ghosts and Bhairav were filled with terror.

The Samadhi of Nilkanth Varni broke down and they saw bhairav in front of them but did not get scared. Bhairav ordered all the spirits to go and eat the monkey and the tapasvi. Speaking so, he lifted the trishul in his hand to attack Nilkanth Varni. In the mean time, Hanumanji turned himself into a giant form and broke the Bhairavs head with a punch. Bleeding Bhairav fell to the ground and started running. All the spirits and ghosts also ran in various directions. Hanumanji sat besides Nilkanth the whole night and in the following morning brought some fruits from the forest for Nilkanth Varni.

Praising Hanumanji, Nilkanth said:”O Hanuman! You are our Kuldevta. You have saved me.” Hearing this Hanumanji said,”O lord! Please do not put me into dillusion, I know that you are my lord Shree Rama.” Speaking so, he disappeared. Nilkanth mahaprabhu then started walking in the northern direction. Wherever night fell, they used to rest there. Whatever fruit, leaves or roots were available, they used to eat it. Walking so, they reached the white Himalayas.