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Alaiya Khachar was the chieftain of Zinzavadar village. He was the devotee of Maharaj. Once he brought Maharaj to his own village. When they entered the village they saw a sadhu sitting under a tree. He had matted hair on his head. There was no cloth on his body and his eyes were shut. Maharaj went on without caring the sadhu, but Alaiya said, “Maharaj, I will go to the sadhu for salutation.” Maharaj smiled but did not say a single word. Alaiya Khachar, in the company of one man, went there where the sadhu was sitting. “Salutation to thee!, Salutation to thee,” said Alaiya Khachar and fell to his feet.

But the sadhu had no effect, he did not even open his eyes. Now Alaiya wished to test the sadhu. He told his companion, “This appears to be the greatest and most powerful saint. I had a great desire to have a darshan of such a yogi. That desire is fulfilled today. I had vowed to offer five rupees to such a yogi.” His companion said, “Then offer him the gift of rupees five.” Alaiya said, “I would offer, but where to place? There is no bowl, nor a bag! Had there been a bowl, I would put it there. Had there been a bag, I would have placed in it. There is no other disciple of this sadhu, otherwise I would have given it to him. Here are the rupees, but where to offer? Someone would steal if I put them on the ground.” Saying this he rounded the rupees in his hand

The sadhu was hearing all this keeping his eyes shut. He at once opened his mouth to mean to say, to put the rupees into his mouth. Now Alaiya Khachar was sure that the sadhu was a hypocrite, a pretender. He has put on this disguise to cheat people and to earn money. If he be a true saint, he would not be tempted by money. With the lightning speed, Alaiya Khachar took some dust from the ground and threw it into the open mouth of the sadhu and said, “A hypocrite has dust in his mouth. (Fie on such a hypocrite!)” Then Alaiya Khachar narrated the whole story of this sadhu. On hearing the story, Maharaj said, “I have been roaming the country for the last seven years and I have witnessed such scenes everywhere.

After witnessing such scenes I have come to know who could be a true saint. I want to show the world the true saint, so we have laid down the strictest principles for our sadhus and declared, “Whosoever wants to see the real (true) sadhu, he should visit our Satsangh and make sure of himself.”