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Shriji Maharaj left the home at a very early age. Then he bore the name of Neelakanth Varnee and started severe penance in the Himalayas. He acquired YOGA. Then he travelled all over India (Bharat Khand) and came to Saurashtr and Kutch. There was an Ashram of Ramanand Swami at LODGE village near Mangola in Saurashtr. Muktanand Swami was the chief of this Ashram. The mind of Neelkanth Varnee was at rest here. He had a keen desire to have the Darshana of Ramanand Swami. So he decided to stay over here and Muktanand Swami wrote a letter to Ramanand Swami. Neelkanth Varnee also wrote a letter. Ramanand Swami answered these letters. Nishkulanand Swami has narrated the description of these letters in this book “BHAKT CHINTAMANI”. It is briefly narrated below:- “I, Muktanand Swami, drop a few lines to you His Holiness Shri Ramanand Swami at Bhuj. O Swami! Thou art the ocean of mercy, friend of the poor and thou art the care-taker of your own persons. Thou art the saviour of the fallen. I humbly and with due respects and reverence bow my head at your feet. I am writing this letter from Lodge. I am happy to write that all are well here because of your favour. Secondly, I am writing to you one more important matter. Kindly read it carefully.

An ascetic has come here from Koshaldesh. All his veins are clearly visible, so to say that he is very thin and learned. His name is Neelkanth. He is just like Lord Shiv in outward appearance. He is a celibate and keeps his eyes always concentrated in the middle. He is always in communion with Brahman. He is a teenager. He has wandered all over the country and has stayed here. His mouth is just like a mouse. His hair on his head are very short. His speech is clear. He keeps himself away from ladies. He is without self-honour and jealousy. He always repeats the name of God. His clothes are torn. He has a skin of tiger in one hand and TULSI MALA in another. He considers me a GURU and has a keen desire to have your Darshan. His food is very simple and that too without spices. He takes his food every third day. He generally begs his food and sometimes he leaves the food which came to him without begging.

He likes to stay in forest in every season. He thinks to live in a house is just like a prison. The light of his learning, knowledge and personality has totally eclipsed mine. Our asceticism in comparison to his is just like the holding of a candle before the bright Sun. He knows the art of YOGA. Knowing all, yet he wishes to be our disciple. Such is his wonder ! He is all forgiving. He suffers when he sees someone suffering. Such letter written by Muktanand Swami was read and listened by all Swami's with great interest. Then, when requested by Muktanand Swami to write a few lines, Neelkantha Varnee wrote thus:- “My name is Varnee, you are all in all to me. I have come to surrender myself to you. Please accept me. I have left all my belongings and relatives in Koshaldesh- Ayodhya in search of Lord Krishna. I have wandered all over the land in hope of getting Lord Krishna. In doing so, I have arrived here at LOJ and have been staying among your followers. I have been undergoing penance and yet have never become discouraged. I haven't yet got Lord Krishna, but that is not my unhappiness. Due to strict penance, my body has lost flesh and blood. Such madness for Lord Krishna has brought me near you. Kindly favour me. I love only those who love Lord Krishna; Others are cowards. Hence throwing away all laziness, I have been undertaking hard penance with Zeal and interest in hope of getting Lord Krishna. My mind will be at rest only when I get Lord Krishna Himself. For that I wait for you with impatient heart. All food appears to me full of poison. All things appearing full of happiness giving have proved otherwise to me. Without Lord Krishna, I have turned myself lunatic. Hence, Kindly permit me to see you. Only then and then all my impatience and miseries would go”.

Writing thus, he completed the letter and handed it to Muktanandawhich he, in turn, put that letter along with his letter, put them in a envelope, addressed it and called for Bhatt Mayaram. He requested Mayaram to immediately hand it over to Ramanand Swami. Bowing to Muktanand, Mayaram started for Bhuj. After Seven days Mayaram reached Bhuj. He found that Swamiji was at Gangaram's house. Ramanandjee took those letters gladly in his hands. He was very glad on reading about the arrival of Varnee. Swamiji was choked with emotion on reading the letters. He narrated all that he had read in the letters to his followers. “All honour to this great ascetic Varnee. All impatience vanished with Varnee's arrival,” said Swami to his followers. Then Swami wrote a beautiful answer to these letters. “I Ramanand Swami, from Bhuj, bless you heartily. I have received the news of the arrival of an ascetic (Varnee) at your door. Whatever you have narrated, are nothing but the actions of Super-man. Hence, don't underestimate him. Think that he has core to your door only because of God's will”. Then Swami answered Varnee's letter.

“In whatever form you see Lord Krishna during your meditation, He is really like that. As you crave for your Darshan, I also crave for you. Hence I come with all lightning speed to see you and to drive away the pangs of separation.” He pasted the letters and sent them through Mayaram. After Seven days Mayaram arrived at LOJ and handed them to addresses and Varnee both were very glad on reading the letters.