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There is village Mankuva near Bhuj in Kutch. It is a small village. There lived a brahmin named Lavji. He used to practise black art. He prepared idols [statues] of iron and wood, pasted them with vermilion and worshipped them. He had long hair on his head. Leaving his hair untied, he shook his head violently as if under the influence of evil spirit. If any one would fall sick, he would somehow persuade to black-art. He would perform black-art and prepare strings (threads) with the help of black-art (charmed thread), and advised them to keep a vow of those idols. Such hypocrite activities he performed and earned his daily bread by thus cheating people.

Once Maharaj visited Mankuwa. Dahibai, Lavji's wife, invited Maharaj to dine with them. Maharaj also agreed. Maharaj arrived at Lavji's house. Lavji arranged Maharaja's seat in the entrance room. The idol room was just opposite. Maharaj saw many iron and wooden idols [statues] in that room, and they were pasted with red lead [vermilion]. Maharaj looked at Lavji. Maharaj saw long hair on Lavji's head and a `Tika' [tilak] in vermilion on the forehead. Maharaj understood all. He said politely to Lavji, “Lavjibhai, here I find many statues of God.” “Why am I required here?” “You have made a mistake in inviting me to dine.” “I will not dine here, not even stand here.” Saying this, Maharaj started off.

Lavji ran after Maharaj and requested him to stop. “I cannot be friendly with a hypocrite, keep either me or these idols.” Lavji's good deeds of the past revived and suddenly came to realise his mistake. “Maharaj, I will act as you wish.” “Leave these idols into water and never to perform black-art, hypocrisy, or any cheating.” “Never to shake or allow others to shake head violently under the influence of evil spirit.” “Cut down your long hair - a plait.” Lavji at once collected all the idols in a bundle and then left them into deep waters of a river. Maharaj dined only after that. On the same day Lavji got his hair cut, bathed and fell at the feet of Maharaj. He turned again a Satsangi.

Should a person seek a person's favour when he is favoured by a king? Not the least. Similarly, a person who has totally surrendered himself to God need not surrender himself to magic, black-art and such hypocritical activities.

Black-art, Charmed threads, quiver one's head under the effect of evil spirit and such other activities are meant only to cheat simple minded people. Shriji Maharaj flatly refused to surrender to such activities.