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It was like as if the path for the divine journey had become even more easier for young Ghanshyam after the death of his parents. After the death of the father, on the twenty-first day, Ghanshyam went for a bath early in the morning as his daily ritual on the banks of river Saryu. This day was quite different than other days as it was a day of one major decision and so this journey became the most divine journey.

On 29th June, 1792, Ghanshyam left the house wearing a deerskin on his body and a mekhli of munj tied around his waist. He wore a loincloth over his body.

In one hand he held a dand and on the other a mala, kamandal, Bhikshapatra and a cloth to filter water. On the shoulder was a yagnopavit. Around the neck was tied a Gutkho. In it was the central idea of various scriptures. They also had a double necklace of Tulsi tied around the neck. Also a wallet of Balmukund and Shaligram were hanging around the neck. In the forehead was an Urdhvatripund (tilak). Ghanshyam left their house at the age of only 11years, 3 months and 1 day.