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This is originally a song singing the importance of Shriji Maharaja. The following is the prose rendering of the poem entitled “JAY JAY SAHAJANAND HARI” Lord Krishna left Mathura for Dwarika and made Dwarika a place of pilgrimage. Similarly Shriji Maharaja left Chhapaiya for Kutch and Saurashtra, and lakes, stars, planets shine splendidly in the galaxy. Similarly, These pilgrimages shine splendidly on the earth.

Saying thus, the poet recounts the great works of Shriji; He raised an eyebrow against treachery; removed superstitions,purified YAJNAS, removed people's stupidity and rigidity, installed new hopes in olaces of disappointments, and the most important thing he did, which nobody could, was to drive out from people's mind the fear of death.

At last, the poet declares that lacs of people, like lifeless earthen bowls, have become full of life and brilliance by the greatness of Shriji. And today, their brilliant light is spread over the whole universe. No barriers of water, earth, or the sky, has any influence on it. All ten directions reverberate today with the name of Sahajanand “JAY JAY SAHAJANAND” "I am the man who sings the praises of Shriji Maharaja. I am his obedient servant. I never worship anyone but God. I am so wealthy and yet have treasure in repeating god's name that wealth has no value to me. I am bard of God. I am going to achieve that Almighty when even the Creator ( Brahma), Indra and Shiva fail to achieve even though they searn very much for Him. I am that much of confidence. I am a person that solicits favour from God. My master is Omnipotent. I will never stretch My hands for help to anyone, be he a great man, but only god, my master. I am the servant of the servant of god. I only pray to Shriji Maharaja that He will never keep me away from Him even for a wink of an eye.”