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Ghanshyam was very fond of listening to KATHA [a talk on religious subjects with narrations of stories form the scriptures]. A sadhu named Haridas used to read the Ramayan in his hut. Ghanshyam would go there along with his friends and listen to the Ramayan.

Once after listening to the Ramayan, Ghanshyam said to his friends, “Come on, let us go to the pond to bathe.” Everyone bathed for a long time. Then they began to play on the trees on the pond bank. Ghanshyam climbed up a tamarind tree. While in the enthusiasm of playing, he was climbing down the tree, a piece of stubble of the tamarind tree cut his right thigh and he bled profusely. Doctors bandaged him. The bleeding stopped. The wound was healed. But the print of the wound remained there permanantly.

Many years passed. In the Vikram era 1876, in the court of Dada Khachar and the gathering of Saints, in Ghadha, Shriji Maharaj showed this wound made by the stubble and said, “when I see this wound, I remember that tree and a pond (talavadi)”

The place where Ghanshyam was wounded is known as KHAMPA TALAVADI.


This is a beautiful illustration of Ghanshyam childish play [BAL-LEELA].

Can you answer the following questions

(a) Describe Ghanshyam’s games with his friends. Which games do you play ?

(b) Why was the pond known as KHAMPA TALAVADI?

(c) In which volume would you find this illustration and to whom did Maharaj narrate this incident and where?