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Gadhada in Saurashtra and Bhuj in Kutch; both the places are well known to satsangies. Whenever Maharaj came to Kutch, he always visited and stayed at Bhuj. There were many followers of Maharaj in Bhuj. Ladhibai was one of them. She had become a widow at a very early age. She always meditated God, day and night. On the very first `darshan' of Maharaj, she had become a staunch follower of Maharaj. Maharaj visited her many times and dined at her house. Once Maharaj was staying at his devotees' house and warming up himself near a hot-plate. Some other devotees were also present. Ladhibai was one of them. All of a sudden, there came a bawa with matted hair, and began to use indecent language without any etiquette: “I am an enlightened one having experienced trance, and in trance, I talk to God face to face.”

Maharaj smiled and said, “Alright then, begin to meditate.” “On one side our Ladhibai will sit in meditation and on the other side, you meditate.” “I will test veracity of you both by placing onto your hand live charcoals, and find out whose trance is real.” Saying this Maharaj looked at Ladhibai. No sooner had Maharaj looked at Ladhibai, than she was already in trance

Shriji Maharaj took a live (burning) charcoal from the fire place with a tongs and placed it on Ladhibai's wrist. Ladhibai did not even move. But that bawa who proudly called himself a bawa with trance began to run away seeing all this. Maharaj shouted, “Oh you, why do you run away?” “Now its your turn to sit in trance.” “You are an accomplished one.” But the bawa ran away. Maharaj laughed but the devotees were worrying very much about Ladhibai.

Her wrist was a little bit burnt and there was a small scar in the wrist due to the live coal. On seeing worry on the devotees' faces, Maharaj said, “Awake Ladhibai.” The devotees tried their best to awake Ladhibai. They shouted in her ears, but she did not wake. At last Maharaj awakened her. When she came to her senses, Maharaj asked her, “Do you feel any pain ?” “What has taken place on your wrist?” She looked at her wrist and said, “What's this ?” “I do not know anything: there is no pain.” “Do you feel any pain now? Maharaj asked her after a moment. “Yes, a little bit now,” said she. Maharaj smiled and advised one of the devotees, “Ladhibai is a little bit burnt.” “Go home and bring a bandage and an ointment.” The devotee brought the ointment and Maharaj applied it on Ladhibai's wrist. Ladhibai went home joyfully. The joy of the day was not an ordinary one. She had been treated by the hands of Maharaj himself!

A person in trance never feels anything. Even a live coal had no affect. The bawa who boasted himself as an accomplished one, a man of trance, ran away by the fear of live coal.The genuine person was found out.