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Swami Brahmananda was himself Ladudanjee. There is an incident in his life. He had the Darshan of Shreeji Maharaja for the first time. This Darshana had so great an effect on Ladudanjee that he never returned home. He finally decided to devote his life in the service of Shreeji Maharaja. His maternal uncle was with him. His maternal uncle did not like Ladudanjee's indifference to worldly pleasures. He persuaded him. “ You are the laurel-poet of the king's . What are you up to ?” “ I am leaving the earthly kings and now I am devoting my life to the Lord of the universe.,” replied Ladudanjee.

“ But you are a renounced poet !” exclaimed Ladudanjee's uncle. “ Because I am such a great poet, I am serving the Lord of three worlds”, Answered Ladudanjee. The uncle saw that his nephew would not come round. So he went to his native country and brought Ladudanjee's parents to him. But their presence had no effect on Ladudanjee. At last Ladudanjee's uncle the last desperate attempt. He went to Maharaja Gaikwada of Baroda and brought his highness order.

Ladudanjee, as a poet, was well known through out Gujarat and Rajasthan. Ladudanjee's uncle acquainted the Maharaja of Baroda with this story. He said to the Maharaja, “ Such a poet as Ladudanjee would be a precious jewel in your court.” The Maharaja was pleased. He said; “ Most welcome to Ladudanjee. I shall give him all the facilities- such as ownership of 25 villages, a palatial residence, and the household servants along with an elephant and a chariot. Bring him here.” Ladudanjee's uncle return home with pleasure. Now he fully sure that Ladudanjee would not reject him. He said to Ladudanjee;

O my nephew, your stars appears to be in ascendance. The Maharaja of Baroda is sent for you. He will give you a village, a residence, and an elephant, a house and chariot. You won't get such excellence here in worship. Ladudanjee merely listened but didn't utter any word. His uncle asked him again, `' Do you accept this offer ?” The poet answered. What he said was in the form of the poem :- “ I am only a singer of Shreeji Maharaja. His command I always obey. To sing the greatness of god is the only biggest treasure for me. I don't wish for any other wealth. I have no desire or passion for any other wealth.” Ladudanjee was without a word. He was sure that Ladudanjee was fully coloured with the devotion of God, and it was difficult to dissuade him from it. While going away, his uncle said, “ My nephew, may god fulfil your vow, and give you credit ! ”.

Such was swami Brahmanada ! He kicked away the kingly honour and kingly splendour. Shriji Maharaja Himself has praised his renunciation and total indifference to worldly pleasures. Shriji Maharaja had said, “ This Brahmanans Swami is like Hanumanjee and Lakshamanjee.”.

The kings of world means the so called kings and emperors of this world. Some has big kingdom and some has a small one. Collect all these worldly kingdoms, but the biggest of all is the kingdom of god, Almighty, all god's incarnation whom we know as shriji Maharaja.