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Ghanshyam Maharaj left home on Ashadh Sud 10 1849 at the tender age of 11 years, 3 months, and 1 day. Ghanshyam Maharaj woke up earlier then normal in the morning to avoid being seen by others as He left. After completing his pooja, He collected the essential items to take with Him.

Kopin - Similar to underwear
Uthuriya - Small lion cloth
Dhand - Stick made from palash tree
Janoi - The sacred thread worn from shoulder to waist
Tulsi Ni Bevdi kanthi
Kum Kum Sahit Urdhvapund Tilak
Jata - Hair tied in a choti
Moonj Ni Kati Mekharra - Moonj grass worn around the waist
Jap Marra - Rosary beads Kamndle - Water pot
Bhikxapatra - Begging bowl
Jal Garanu - Cotton cloth for filtering water
Saaligram - Stone representative of Shri Narayan
Bal Mukund Ni Davarri - Idol of young Krishna in a box
Char Shatra na Sarano Gutko - Summary of the 4 Shastras carried over shoulder
Pagma Paaduka Veena - Barefooted

When Ghanshyam  left the house, his friends came to the house to call him. As they could not find Ghanshyam at the house they went at the riverbanks to search for him. They also searched the common places visited by Ghanshyam in Ayodhya. After searching hard everywhere they came back disappointed to Rampratapji and asked where Ghanshyam were. They also told him that they had looked for them all over Ayodhya but could not find them.

Hearing this Rampratapbhai was shocked and him and their relatives started searching the lord in Temples, forest and all other places in Ayodhya but could not find them.Unhappy, Rampratapbhai started crying and prayed for Ghanshyam to come home. Suvasinibhabhi also started crying and praying for Ghanshyam. When are we going to see the face of Ghanshyam now? Its time for him to eat, they said. Days started passing with tears in their eyes. Even the younger brother Iccharam was unhappy without the brother Ghanshyam. Everyday was a day full of grief and sorrow without Ghanshyam. Knowing the grief of their family, by the grace of God, Hanumanji solaced them all in their divine form.