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After coming down from the Navlakha Mountain, the Lord came to a fountain of hot water called Wadwa kund. From there bhagwan went to the meeting place of Gangasagar River. Bhagwan then visited the ashram of Kapilbhagwan - the founder of Shankhyayoga. From there bhagwan went to Jagganathpuri and blessed various religious devotees and saints. They did not personally wish to stay at jagganathpuri but there were several reasons for them staying there.

Jagganathpuri had become a place for thugs who disguised themselves as devotees and practiced various vices and black magic and looted many pilgrims and straightforward people. Seeing a bright, pious and divine Nilkanth various religious and straightforward devotees came forward to listen and discuss religion. Seeing this other so called sadhus came and took Nilkanth to their place and made him do very heavy jobs. But smiling Nilkanth did not get angry and said that nothing is going to effect the soul as all the worldly things are related to body

Hearing this a few sadhus thought that it was right and soon there were two divisions amongst them and a heavy fight started in-between them. In that fight almost ten thousand were killed whilst others ran away. In this way the burden of evil from the holy place of Jagganathpuri was relived by the entry of the Lord in a short period. Many people also became devotees of god and started practising the Bhagwad dharma.