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Mansi Pooja or mental worship is a kind of worship in which the devotee serves Maharaj as if Maharaj is standing before the devotee to receive all His oblations. This mode of worship is the best spiritual means that increase our love for Maharaj. Mansi Pooja is offered five times a day.

First Mansi Pooja

The first Mansi Pooja is performed early in the morning. Imagine you are requesting Maharaj to wake up. Maharaj wakes up and sits leaning on a pillow. Then Maharaj gets up and goes to the bathroom, offer Maharaj a datan (Brush). Offer Him scented water to wash His mouth. After Maharaj has bath using scents and fragrant powers, offer Him rich clothes and ornaments suited for the four seasons, warm clothes in winter light clothes in summer. Offer Maharaj garlands and bracelets and armlets. Apply a tilak and chandlo on His forehead and offer Him Milk with sugar, saffron and grinned pistachio and rich delicacies for breakfast. Once Maharaj has had breakfast, offer Him water and mukhvas

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Second Mansi Pooja

The second Mansi Pooja is performed late morning-early afternoon. Maharaj in royal robes, garlands and ornaments is seated on the divine throne. As lunch time approaches ask Maharaj to sit on a decorated bench and serve Him richest food, boiled, baked, fried and sweet dishes. Bare in mind that all the Devotees are watching Maharaj eating the food you are offering. After Lunch offer Maharaj water and mukhvas, Maharaj retires to bed.

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Third Mansi Pooja

The third Mansi Pooja is performed at around 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Wake Maharaj up and imagine that you are offering Him water to clean His face and gargling in His mouth. He drinks some of the water and accepts fruits available as per the season and offer prasadi to all the muktas. Imagine Maharaj going for a walk in a garden or going for a bath in a river depending on the season, accompanied by Devotees. Offer Maharaj flowers and experience His divine bliss.   

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Fourth Mansi Pooja

The fourth Mansi Pooja should be performed at or around dinner time. Maharaj is seated on the divine throne is all splendour with devotees seated in front of Him. Imagine you are performing Aarti pooja and the devotees are rejoicing in the divine glory. Imagine Maharaj at the end of the Aarti is blessing all the devotees. Maharaj sits on a bench and eats supper. Imagine Maharaj is eating Khichdi, Kadhi, Bhakhari, vegetables and drinking milk. After eating supper Maharaj drinks water and accepts mukhvas.

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Fifth Mansi Pooja

The fifth and last Mansi Pooja is performed just before you sleep. After accepting fresh milk, almond-puri and laddu, Maharaj drinks water and retires to bed. You should imagine that Maharaj is sleeping, eternally dwelling in Akshardham and you are completely immersed in His murti. All the five Mansi Poojas should be performed regularly with devotion and glory of Maharaj in our heart. It should not become a burden. In order to attain oneness with the murti of Maharaj, one must surrender his body and mind to Maharaj.     

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