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Prabhu Varniraj set off to the south of the Pulhasharam after paying tributes to other muktapurushas doing their penance and offering prayers to Muktinath. Varniraj went into a dense forest crossing over many rivers, lakes and mountains. The forest was so dense that no sunlight reached the ground and was filled with wild animals. At the end of the forest was a village called Butolpur. The king Mahadutt and his sister Mayarani were very kind to God there. They were given the divine knowledge of god by Nilkanth to both of them. After that they set off from there.

One year passed after they set from muktanath. They came across a huge tree surrounded by many animals and below that tree were sitting a divine sage wearing a short cloth and reading Geeta. Seeing lord come there they stood forward and hugged them. Lord said: “O yogiraj! You are my guru, please teach me Ashtangyoga. They stayed there with gopal yogi for one year and learnt ashtangyoga. They learnt all this in a very short time. In a very short time they also learnt the shabij and the nirbij Samadhi. Seeing that Gopal yogi came to know that they were lord Paramatma themselves, cause no one else can learn all this very quickly. This way they completed one year with gopal yogi.

Near the ashram of gopalyogi were many shepherds grazing their cows. Every night a tiger used to come and eat a cow. They complained to Gopal yogi but could not find a solution. So Nilkanth Varni told Yogiraj to blow the Shankh. On this all the wild animals got scared and left the area for good. Soon after this miracle yogiraj fell into a deep trans and leaving his mind and spirit to Paramatma left his body for heavenly abode. God completed the death rituals and set off from there. After many days they came to a place called Adivarah. They stayed there for three days. Wherever God went, they were welcomed by religious and pious people.