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In Loj village resided fifty saints including muktananda swami of the Uddhav Sampraday founded by Ramananda swami who were the incarnation of Udhhavji. Amongst them a saint named Sukhananda came to the Vaav to take a bath. Seeing the divine face of Nilkanth, he asked: “ O lord! where do you come from? Where are you going?” Varniraj replied: “ We have come from the uttar koshal desh and have arrived to Loj after visiting several pilgrim places.

Who are you and whose disciple are you?” Sukhananda Swami replied: “O brahmachari! On this earth there are a godly guru called Ramananda Swami who has thousands of disciples. Out of those there are a fifty-renounce disciples in this village who have renounced the wordly pleasures and became sadhus. My elder gurubhai muktananda swami always desires for the darshan of great saints and tapasvis like yourself.

Would you please be kind enough to give your darshan to them and come to our ashram? If you will not come then Muktanand swami will come to meet you right here.” Hearing the words of Sukhananda, Nilkanth Varni said: “O muni! I always reside in forest. I never go to a town or a village. Still I believe the service of big saints equivalent to holy pilgrimage and understand that totally. I will definitely come for the darshan of muktananda swami.” Soon along with Sukhananda swami, the Lord came to Loj. Muktananda and other saints went forward to greet them. They welcomed Varniraj. God bowed to all the saints.