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There was a devotee of Shriji Maharaj in Baroda. Everyone called him Nath Bhakt. He was illiterate but he understood one fact very clearly. That one should always act according to Maharaja's order and never to be angry with anyone. If, by chance, you are angry with anyone, fall at his feet. Nath Bhakt meditated Maharaj day and night and continuously chanted Maharaja's name. People thought him mad and boys shouted after him.

Once Shriji Maharaj was in Jetalpur. Nath Bhakt came to know this so he started from Baroda to Jetalpur for the darshan of Shriji Maharaj. Boys saw him on the way and began to shout and jeer at him. A big crowd followed him. They began to throw dust on him, pelted him and mocked him. Some of the grown up boys went ahead and began to pull his back-tie of his `dhoti'. Nath Bhakt goes on patiently, chanting a devotional song of God:

“Fascinated by your face, O, Maharaj! Drawn with body and mind On hearing your words sweet and kind When I saw your heavenly face Every worldly thing becomes base Thus I became fortunate.”

Mukda ni Maya Lagi re Mohan Tara Mukhdu me joyu taru, biju sarve thayu kharu Jabki ne suti jagi re, Mohan tara…

At last the boys were tired of throwing dust and mocking at him. Then one of the grown up boys said boldly, “Oh uncle! Why don't you get angry with us? Get angry with us and hit us. We will be happy if you do that.” Nath Bhakt said, “Whom should I be angry with? With you? And you are not different from me, Oh my young children ! All my anger and pleasure have been taken away by Swaminarayan.” “Has Swaminarayan taken away all this without giving you anything?”

the other grown up boy said mockingly. “Swaminarayan has given me this,” saying thus Nath Bhakt fell straight on the ground at the feet of the boys. The boys stopped jeering. Now there was not a single word from their mouth. Nath Bhakt got up from the ground. So the boys gathered round him and said, “Uncle, please pardon us. It was our fault that we mocked at you,, Nath Bhakt smiled and said, “When have you troubled me? I don't know anything.” Saying thus, Nath Bhakt took to his way singing the devotional song as before.

Shriji Maharaj in Vachnamrit, Ahmedabad Prakaran, has said, “We should fall at the feet of a person with whom we have become angry.”

“To fall at the feet of someone” means, `Sashtang Dandvat Pranam', where all eight parts of our body touch the ground while saluting a person; To fall prostrate.

If a person gets angry with mischief mongers, there would be extraordinary enthusiasm to the mischief mongers, but if the teased person doesn't take it to his heart and does not get angry with the mischief mongers, then all the mischief mongers would feel ashamed. In the case of Nath Bhakt, this has happened.