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1. Man's test cannot be had by seeing his outward disposition. The test can be had only when we sit together. When we are together, the test can be had when we speak, walk, eat, drink, lie down, get up. At those moments a man is judged and tested.

2. If God wills the whole world will convert itself into a world of Satsangis, or the world of Satsangis might be destroyed. All depends on God's will, but never feel happy or miserable for that. Whatever happens is only by God's will. Therefore live in happiness surrendering oneself to God's will as the dry leaf floats with wind. Worship God. Never feel agony.

3. A person, who knows the importance of God an a devotee should be treated as a perfect Satsangi.

4. Only a diamond cuts diamond. Similarly God's will and God's Darshan can only be by God.

5. Evil within and the evil without is the same . Similarly, saint within and saint without is also the same. So one who never falls prey to evil company and only accompanies the saint, the strength of evil will be replaced by the good spirit.

6. Never allow confusion to enter the heart even though the whole world remains disturbed.

7. Only a person who accepts only the good in a saint can have firm foundation of Satsang. A person who doesn't have such quality will have no firm foundation of Satsang even though he remains always in Satsang.

8. What a king can do can never be done by a servant. Even if a servant might be great, he won't do a think done by a king. Similarly, God PURUSHOTTAMA is all in all the doer, (one who does) the cause, the controller and omnipotent.

9. The gold which has been transformed by a touch of PARASMANI (Philosopher's stone) from iron, can never regain its originalality (iron) even by a touch of PARASMANI. Similarly, the man who knew the significance of God, even though fallen by God's will, will never fall again by the favour of God. Then how can he fall by other mortal matter?

10. Whenever we get the opportunity to serve God or God's men, serve them by all means considering it the luckiest day of your life. Never do it because others appreciate it, nor to get honour but it should be done solely with a view to pleasing God and for the well being of oneself.

11. It is a great sin to consider only the vices of God and His devotees.

12. What is the use of my knowledge when having acquired God and not to talk of well-being to one who accompanies me?

13. As you love your near and dear ones, so shall you love god. That person is a true devotee of God who forgets and forgives the differences between others like the lines drawn into water.

14. The three or four years old paddy can be used in eating but never does it grow when sown. Similarly, remove all your doubts and have firm faith in God. When this is done, all our passions of our previous birth (doings) shall never lift its head again.

`VACHANAMRIT' means the store- house of Shriji Maharaj's words of nectar. It is not that easy to choose/select words. This lesson is merely a glimpse of it.