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Once Shriji Maharaja was holding a conference. Most of the saints were present. Suddenly, Maharaja asked, “Are you ever possessed by evil spirit ? ”. “Evil Spirit ? Can a sadhu ever be possessed by an evil spirit? What an absurd idea! ” Everyone fell a-thinking, nobody spoke. Maharaja smiled and spoke,“ I know you are all possessed by a ghost except three persons.”

The matter was all the while confused. Nobody followed Maharaja's meaning.

After some time, Maharaja continued, “The three are; one being Myself, second Swami Muktananda and finally Swami Gopalananda. These three are never possessed by a ghost.” He stopped a little and said, “ The ghost is not only one, they can be three or four. Do you want to know the names of the Ghosts? Listen. They are; wrath, greed, pride, taste, etc. Such are the ghosts. They haunt us unknowingly.

Therefore, beware of them.” “Maharaja, please be with us and help us”, said the saints. “I am always with you”, replied Maharaja. “Then we are not bothered about anything in the world. Ghosts dare not harass us”, responded all the saints. Maharaja was very much pleased on hearing the saints' resolve.

This lesson is an illustration of Maharaja's impressive representation of an idea. This lesson is based on an occasion described in a book entitled `Tales of Gopalanand'.