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Nearly two hundred years ago, Ahmedabad was ruled by the Peshwas of Poona. Ahmedabad was the residence of the Governor of the province of Peshwa. Like Peshwa, the governor was also a brahmin. Unfortunately, the governor's father died. The jealous people poisoned the ears of the governor that Sahajananda Swami performed the Yajnas without an offering of oblation (sacrifice). And you do not prevent him from doing so. So Goddess Kali is angry with you and devoured your father. Punish Sahajananad Swami or we do not know what is in our store.

The Governor got angry with Shriji Maharaj. He got a tank prepared, and filled it with boiling oil. He covered the tank with thin wooden planks and placed `Gaddi' on it. His move was to see Maharaj seated on it. As soon as Maharaj would sit on it, the wooden planks would give way and with gaddi, Maharaj would fall into the boiling oil and die. Maharaj, on the invitation of Maharaj, came to see the governor, with some of his sadhus. The governor warmly and pompously welcomed Maharaj and asked Maharaj to be seated on that particular gaddi. Maharaj looked at the gaddi for a moment and said, “We are merely sadhus.” “We don't deserve such a royal gaddi, hence, your honour, be seated on it.” “We stand here.” The governor said, “This gaddi is meant only for you.” “Be seated here.”

Emphasising upon words, Maharaj said, “I know that this gaddi is meant only for me, and that's why I request you to sit on it.” Saying this, Maharaj, smilingly, stretched the stick in his hand on that gaddi and pressed hard on it. There came a thunderous noise of the crashing of the planks. The whole gaddi fell into the tank. The vapours of boiling oil emanated from the tank. The governor's plot became public. He had thought, “The lion is going to be trapped today.” But the lion was free and the governor himself was trapped instead. The Governors wrath knew now bounds. He cried out, “Leave Ahmedabad just now.” “Be careful! Don't try to step here again.” Maharaj replied patiently, “How long have I been forbidden to enter the city ?” “The governor had lost his senses due to anger and shouted, “Till I rule here!” “As you wish,” said Maharaj and turned away. He left Ahmedabad.

The Governor was pleased when he drove away Maharaj from Ahmedabad. Other jealous people were also happy, but this happiness did not last long. Within a short time, Peswa's lost their power in Ahmedabad and the British came to rule in their place. The British collector of Ahmedabad, during the British rule, personally invited Shriji Maharaj to visit Ahmedabad. The collector went in a royal procession to receive Shriji Maharaj and presented him with a piece of land to construct a temple. The jealous people were defeated.