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There was an association consisting of more than fifty sadhus directly under the supervision of Muktanand Swami. Once he was travelling along with these sadhus for the spread of religion. He came to a strange land. Hence, disrespect was more in his luck than respect. `Bhiksha' was also rarely available. Sometimes they received brickbats, beatings and dishonour instead of `Bhiksha'. But it was the command of Shriji Maharaj that a sadhu need not, in any case, be angry, Sadhus should always remain pleasant in all hostile conditions. These sadhus kept on worshipping and meditating God whether they received the Bhiksha or not.

Nearly three days of fasting passed by. A certain Brahmin of the town was properly watching this. He saw that those sadhus were hungry for the last three days, and yet their faces were full of pleasure, and that they were busy in God's worship. This behaviour of sadhus affected him greatly. His heart went to them. He went to Muktanand swami and said `' Swami ! please come to have lunch at my house”. Swami accepted the invitation. He said “ We do not take sweets or such rich food. We will take the hotchpotch(Khichdi) without ghee”.

On hearing these words, the Brahmin's honour for the sadhus increased. He said to himself, `'Such ascetics have I seen none”. The Brahmin went home and cooked the hotchpotch. He had a family deity to be worshipped. He had a rule that he would eat only after offering the food to the family deity. As soon as the hotchpotch was ready, he took some of it into a dish. The deity should never be offered the hotchpotch without ghee, so he added some ghee into the hotchpotch. Then he served it to God. Now this served hotchpotch is generally honoured as an offering of God. The Brahmin mixed it with the hotchpotch preserved for the sadhus.

The sadhus arrived for the lunch. The hotchpotch was served to them. At that time Atmanand Swami asked him `' Hasn't ghee been mixed with this hotchpotch ?” Not in your hotchpotch, but some of it was offered to my deity, and that it was mixed with ghee, I have mixed that God's offering with your hotchpotch. Whether you consider it as my fault or a crime, I ask for your pardon for that,” replied the Brahmin with folded hands.

Atmanand swami was a strict disciplinarian of Maharaja's commandment. He would not budge even a single inch in observance of principles. On hearing the Brahmin, he at once got up from the dinner and said `' I will not eat this” The Brahmin beseeches him very meekly. But Atmanand swami was firm as a mountain. Muktanand was also a strict follower of discipline. But today's circumstances were quite different. Sadhus have been without food for the last three days. And these sadhus were lucky enough to get it today. Moreover, the Brahmin did that unknowingly. He was a devotee. He was a devotee of Bhagvat.

He had a family deity. And he had invited the sadhus merely with an intention of devotion to saints. He had not added ghee to the hotchpotch meant for sadhus. On the contrary, he had added God's offering. Muktanand swami explained the whole matter to Atmanand Swami but Atmanand Swami was obstinate in his opinion and did not heed to it.

At last Muktanand Swami told `' Swami the Brahmin who has reverently and devoutly invited us to dinner will be disheartened. So kindly take this meal.” But still Atmanand Swami did not respond. He got-up and walked away. All others were about to follow. Meanwhile Muktanand Swami was choked with emotion, He said `'O saints,, please be seated. I take upon myself the sin of this breech of principle. Be at ease at your meal.”

All the Sadhus had their meals. The Brahmin was in the eleventh Heaven of joy. The group returned to Shriji Maharaj. Muktanand Swami himself narrated all that had happened, and sought his pardon for the breach of principle. After Shriji Maharaj had heard the whole story, He said ”what you have done is quite appropriate looking to the prevailing condition of time, place and country. A minute discrimination (discretion) is quite essential in such cases of observance of commandment. You have shown such discretion and you have guarded the saints and satsanga like a mother. You are the Mother of Satsanga.”

The commandment of SHIKSHAPATRI-125

“In the event of financial crises, one may live on charity and shall never incur debts.”