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The encounter of Shreeji Maharaj with Fateh mamad Jamadar of Kutch

During the last decade of the eighteenth century, Lord Shree Swaminarayan was on His religious ministry in the city of Bhuj in the principality of Kutch. The state was de facto ruled by Fatehmamad Jamadar, a brave Muslim warrior, an astute politician as well as a connoisseur of men and their worth.

Shreeji Maharaj had a large following among men and women in the city of Bhuj. In the women’s congregation was the wife of one of the state ministers. Shreeji Maharaj’s teaching of the technique of worship, Dhyana, Puja and Kirtana – was adopted by this pious lady and the women of the Minister’s household. The visits of the women of the congregation disturbed this officer of the state. He felt jealous of the hold of this yogi on his household. He complained to Fatehmamad Jamadar about the so called evil influence, he thought, Shreeji Maharaj was exerting on the young men and women in the state. The commissar, who was the virtual ruler of Kutch, promised his official that he would find out the truth of the matter.

And the very next day in the morning, by a coincidence, the encounter between Fatehmamad Jamadar and Shreeji Maharaj took place. Shreeji Maharaj was going out of the city-gate to the lake for His ablutions in the morning. Fatehmamad was coming out of his mansion, on horse back with a cavalry. A cavalry officer who knew Shreeji Maharaj said to Fatehmamad : “HI MADU HINDUJO PIR AHE TIJO BHAGWAN AHE,” (This man is the holy man of the Hindus, He is their God). The cavalry confronted Shreeji Maharaj who was on his chakhadi (wooden slippers). There was a group of saints behind Him. The eyes of the yogeshwar Shree Hari were raised higher at the armed man on a horseback.

In a moment there was a miracle. Fatehmamad Jamadar humbly got down from the horse and bowed to Shreeji Maharaj. He asked : “Maharaj, is it true that You are God?"

Shreeji Maharaj smiled and said : “I am what you think I am! If to you I am God, I am God. If you find me a man, I am a man. It is your faith that would make me a man or God."

Fatehmamad Jamadar was now convinced that all the complaints about Shree Hari were false. He upbraided his minister for reporting against such a Divine Being. He was pleased to see good work-social and religious that Lord Shree Swaminarayan was doing in the city and around. He was happy to grant land rights for the temple to be built by the Lord in that city.