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What is the meaning of the first boon?

If a follower of the sampraday suffers the pain of a scorpion sting, that pain must befall on me millions upon millions of times, but the satsangi of this sampraday should enjoy peace.

The meaning of this boon is that if any swaminarayan satsangi suffers the pain of a scorpion sting then let that pain befall on me millions and millions of times so a satsangi of this sampraday can live there life in peace and enjoy it. Maharaj asks for this because if a devotee goes through pain he may fall from his devotion level as he may lose faith because of the incident.

What is the meaning of the second boon?

If a follower of the sampraday suffers hardship of getting food and clothes, and has to beg according to his fate, I beg those Hardships befall on me and the satsangi should get food and clothes easily.

The meaning of this boon is that if any swaminarayan satsangi find it hard to get food and clothes and have to beg for them. Give them food and clothes for life and make me beg for food and clothes. Maharaj asks for this as he knows that not all devotees are strong and if they befall hardship then they will not be able to sustain the same amount of devotion towards him.

The importance of the boons are the other satsangi of the Swaminarayan Sampraday don’t suffer in there life. This will ensure that they stay firm in their belief and devotion towards the lord.

Sahajanand swami asked for the boons so the other satsangi of this Sampraday don’t suffer and I will take there pain.

Both these boons remove elements of pain and suffering. This shows how caring and loving Maharaj is and how is prepared to give us an easy life for this we must be always grateful. Even though Maharaj knows that pain is the only time that most people remember bhagwan as it is then that people pray that they be rid of the pain and have peace. There are many examples of great devotees who go through pain merely for the remembrance of the lord. One example of this is kuntaji who asks for pain throughout her life so she does not forget bhagwan. Also bhagwan puts the great devotees through a test of pain and suffering just to test their devotion as described in Dhiraj Akhyan which is compiled in Nishkhulanand Kavya. There are many great examples in Hiram Akhyan such as raja Harishchandra, Dhruvji, Bhakta Prahlad, Vibhishan it is just by remembering these great devotees that we should feel that they have gone through such pain whilst we are living a life of happiness. It should strike us that we are lucky to have such a life given to us by the lord and be grateful to him and forever indebted.

Sahajanand swami asked for these boons when he received the Gadi from Ramanand swami.

Ramanand swami gave Sahajanand swami the two boons. Ramanand swami is blessed as he has been given the chance to grant the lord these to boons.