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Shriji Maharaj was very fond of wrestling. He used to arrange `Yajna', celebrations of a samaiya and big assemblies. At that time he would arrange wrestling, and particularly he used to arrange it in Bhuj-Kutch. There was a wrestler in Bhuj. He was a staunch follower of Shiji Maharaj. His name was Gangaram. Gangaram had a gymnasium. He prepared many good wrestlers like himself. Whenever Maharaj visited Bhuj, he used to stay at Gangaram's house. Maharaj also arranged meetings there. Jagjivan Diwan was opposed to Maharaj. The Diwan called Maharaj a hypocrite.

He had decided to bring Maharaj to his senses. Once he came, with a big army, to arrest Maharaj. Maharaj was at Gangaram's place at that time. Jagjivan challenged Maharaj, “Eh, you `bawa', come out. I want to settle forever, whether you live or I.” Maharaj was never afraid of anything. He went to a forest at an early age. Would Maharaj be afraid of Jagjivan? No, Maharaj was not afraid of even ferocious animals in the jungle, animals like lions, tigers, bear, wolf etc. Maharaj came out smiling and answered Jagjivan, “It will happen the same as you know. Know that now you will not be there.” At the very moment Gangaram rushed forward with a naked sword in his hand and stood before Jagjivan's army.

He challenges them, “Come forward whosoever has the capacity enough to face me. My name will not be Gangaram if I d'not cut you into two pieces with only one stroke. In these hands of mine there is the strength of the Lord of Akshardham, Shriji Maharaj.” Jagjivan was scared because of this challenge. On one side, there was armed Gangaram, and on the other side, unarmed Shriji Maharaj. Jagjivan was now sure that it was impossible to defeat either of them. He went away crestfallen. His army also retreated without victory. Such was wrestler Gangaram! A staunch follower of Shriji Maharaj! Many a time Maharaj was so pleased with Gangaram that he gave away to Gangaram clothes from his body and a turban [pagh]. Even today, these offerings of Shriji Maharaj (Ang Vastram and Pagh) are worshipped in the house of Gangaram's heirs.